Optima Erasmus, more than a reality a #sociality
1 #sociality 6 students 6 European cities 6 stories
Bucharest, Zaragoza, Valencia, Reading, Cosenza, Rome

What is Optima Erasmus - FAQ

→ What is it?
Optima Erasmus is the first format of #sociality and it gives value to the study experience abroad of a selected group of European students

→ What does it mean #Sociality?
#Sociality is the provocative answer which Optima gives to the vain proposition of Reality Shows.

→  What is the Sociality-KI?
The Sociality-KI is the energetic value which the students collect during the #sociality Optima Erasmus.
Each vote, comment and special score from the jury acquired by the Optima Erasmus Students for their posts make their Sociality-KI grow. The Sociality-KI is a number updated in real time and displayed on the profile of each Optima Erasmus Student, its growth determines the shift in the students' ranking.

→ Ok but... what does Optima Erasmus propose? What are the contents? What are the objectives?
Optima Erasmus is:

1) a Special Bursary - granted by Optima Italia -up to € 3,000 to each protagonist to support him in his Erasmus experience; 
2) The everyday story told by six students from six european cities, with posts, pictures and videos;
3) the possibility for the public of the web to interact with the students in every moment, to give them suggestions, to vote for them, to make fun of  them and to learn from their experience;
4) the possibility for companies and managers to follow the adventures of the students and to offer them an internship;
5) a funny way to understand how the world of education works, in Italy and abroad.

→ How did we select the Optima Erasmus Students?
A team of communicators and job market experts has selected a number of Italian and Spanish candidates through the screening of CVs and interviews on Skype.
The next steps are: an offline casting for Italian students and an online contest for Spanish students.

→ What are the selection criteria that have been adopted?
We have selected candidates with the following requirements:

1) Age of majority;
2) Beneficiaries of Erasmus Studio Scholarship for the academic year 2015/2016;
3) Departure for the Erasmus experience in the second semester by March 2016;
4) Availability of not less than four months for the period of study abroad;
5) Good knowledge of English (the knowledge of a second language would be an advantage);
6Great personal and cultural standing;
7Excellent knowledge of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc. (the ownership of a smartphone or a tablet would be an advantage);
8Frequent use of social networks evaluated on the basis of the number of friends, likes, followers, shares, post, etc. (the usage of multiple social networks- Twitter, Skype, Instagram, etc.- would be an advantage);
9Good capacity of narrative writing, care of terminology and accuracy in the selection of content to be published online (the ownership of blogs or personal diaries, both on paper and on the online platforms would be an advantage);
10Personality: dynamic, enterprising, energetic, proactive, original, determined, with strong communication and interpersonal skills and motivation to achieve goals, with remarkable rapidity of reaction and response;
11Interests: reading, writing, sports and leisure;
12) A college degree preferably in: Information Technology, Engineering, Languages, Economics and Marketing.

→ How can I participate?
Ask your university to contact Optima Erasmus and insert you in the list of candidates. Otherwise you can apply directly from this website, filling out the form.

→ Why does Optima offer this opportunity?
Optima is a multi-utility leader in providing energy and telecommunication services. It is a young and smart company populated by over 250 youths, a small army of young professionals serving thousand of italian families and companies. In addition to strategic investments in original projects of non-conventional marketing, in the mission of the company there is a healthy desire to create occupation, directly and indirectly, and to be present where young talents are educated, facilitating their entry in the labour market.

→ What are the Optima Erasmus contests?
The Sociality-KI of each student will increase with the participation to the Optima Erasmus contests. They are real challenges in which the participants will gove their best to obtain points from the audience and from the expert jury. These points will expand non only the Sociality-KI, but also they will change the ranking proclaiming a winner for every contest, who will a T-Shirt and a certificate. The first three will have a bonus in Euros.

→  What is  the Bonus Study?
Other points can be obteined una tantum also with the Bonus Study, thanks to the passed exams abroad. Every partecipant will obtain points according to the grade:
-1000 points for a grade of 30 cum laude;
-500 points for a grade between  28 and  30 (letter marks: A and  B – numerical marks: 8, 9 and 10).

Optima Erasmus is an Optima Italia S.p.A. project
Optima Italia S.p.a
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Uff reg imprese: NA-618813
Capitale sociale: € 1.500.000,00 I.V.
Press contacts: press@optimaerasmus.com