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Bucharest, Zaragoza, Valencia, Reading, Cosenza, Rome

The Sociality-Ki

The Sociality-KI or SK is the energetic “social” value which accumulates during the #sociality Optima Erasmus.
Each vote, comment, or special score from the jury, obtained by the Optima Erasmus Students for their posts make their SK grow.

Depending on the SK collected, each Optima Student moves in the Optima Erasmus rank, which is visible both in Homepage and in their specific page.

The SK value is a purely approximate index of the activities and the ‘social’ energies emanated by each Optima Erasmus Student during the course of his study abroad.

The SK, could be useful or not for whom has to evaluate or just sympathize with the Optima Erasmus Student and the contents he will produce.

At the end of their experience, Optima will award the student with the highest Sociality-KI with the 'Red Belt Optima Erasmus' which will elevate him to the rank of Master of Sociality-KI and Tutor of the next edition.


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